The Disciples

I cradle the iPhone in my hand as I stare at the mosaic of tiles on the screen. Vectored illustrations of iconic figures from pop culture. Blocks of color juxtaposed beside one another. Fictional characters. Films. Famous people. In their most simplest forms.

Immediate identification. With each block, I type quickly. Mickey Mouse. Spiderman. Zorro. Elmo. I pause for a second. Iron Man. Wonder Woman. The Joker. Popeye. Their identities stamped into my mind. Nearly second nature to recite their names. I hesitate. Some more challenging than others. A brown braid against a woman’s back. She is wearing a green tank top. Contemplation. Sifting through my memory banks. It comes to me. Lara Croft. A video game I had never played. Perfect. Score: 100. I smile. Immediate satisfaction.

My kind of game. Memory-based. A challenge to my mental capacity.

Instantaneous reward.

But, I recognize its true nature. A test for the consumer. Brand recognition. Recollection.

I embrace my immersion in the commercial world.

My virtual identity.

Medium: India Ink and Bristol Board (3 in x 3 in squares)

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