Hey, I’m Steph. Or, Pez. That’s what my friends call me. Unless you prefer formality, then Ms. Perez. I’m in my twenties and I am striving to fulfill God’s purpose for my life. I currently reside in the capital city of Harrisburg, PA.

I tend to think a little differently.

Obscure, Unique. Bizarre.

I’m a photographer. Athlete. College scholar. Designer. Believer. Comic book reader. Photomanipulator. Superhero addict. Illustrator. Avid movie goer. Artist.

I am a visual storyteller.

I thoroughly enjoy storytelling. I find excitement in opening a door to a new realm through cinematic approaches. A beautiful gift that I thank God everyday for granting me. Rather than being held down by a single label determined by my choice of medium, I let the story dictate my direction to bring these imaginative visions to life.

Still curious, check out my artist resume.